Charity Begins at Home: How to Teach Your Child to Be Generous

Charity begins at home is a well-known proverb that asks to take care of one’s family before taking care for others. However, the phrase might be common but it is often misunderstood. People interpreted the phrase as simply taking care of yourself and your family before worrying about other people.

An example of this misunderstanding is that you should not worry about other’s welfare before your own family needs are met. Although this belief is understandable, it is a misrepresentation of the proverb.

Multiple studies backed up the fact that there is happiness and fulfillment that comes from helping others. In a sense, being charitable is one of the secrets of having a good life. Charity begins at home is not just about putting your family’s needs before others, it is about teaching the children on the essence of generosity.

Parents can be a model for a charitable behavior and how to put others first. Children can see what their parents do and learn from it. Raising children to have a giving attitude will help them lead into a fulfilling life.

Studies show the mere fact of identifying gratitude and sharing it measurably increases happiness over 10% in ones life.

How to teach your child to be generous 

  • Teach your children to volunteer
  • During summer or when the children are not busy, encourage them to volunteer to a local shelter or to a charity institution that may need help. Perhaps, join summer camps that are aimed toward charities.
  • This will build the sense of belongingness for your children. It will also help them get acquainted with like-minded people. As the saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together. These people can become friends with your children and help in being a good influence on them.
  • Teach the child to give without expecting something in return
  • Being charitable is giving without expecting anything in return. This means that whenever you give something, you don’t expect to receive a T-shirt, a plaque with your name on it or a thank you bag. Being charitable is to give solely for the purpose of giving and become contented knowing that you helped someone.
  • There are times that families give but expect gratitude from the recipient. It is best to encourage your children to keep their charity a secret and do it for happiness of helping those in need.
  • Let your children join online platforms that encourages giving through grace-based giving
  • Social media has become a major part of people’s lives. It has created an impact to the lives of young people. The influence could either be for the better or for the worse of young minds. One of the most prevalent trends brought by social media are the selfies. These selfies are often seen in a negative light due to its narcissistic tendencies. However, has found a way to revolutionize the selfie industry.
  • org is a humanitarian platform that monetizes Lifesaver selfies and inspiries (inspirational story+photo). Users can post inspiries or Lifesaver selfies then donate whatever they can. The proceeds will go to the user’s chosen charity. Lifesaver selfies can be taken with a favorite celebrity or a loved one. Meanwhile, inspiries are inspirational stories of gratitude and love along with photos. Inspiries and Lifesaver selfies can be posted on Csnaps’ Gratitude Lounge.
  • Instead of simply posting selfies on social media, we encourage you to allow your kids to share their stories of gratitude, their blessings and their Lifesaver selfies at the Gratitude Lounge. also has an app that makes it easier to post Lifesaver selfies and inspiries on the Gratitude Lounge.

Charity begins at home also means that making a difference begins at home. is an advocate of grace-based crowdfunding. The Gratitude Lounge is a place to show your public grace or a prayer of thanks. Motivate your children to learn about other people’s gratitude as it enables to bring us together in order to share our most similar gift, GRATITUDE.





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