Csnaps Turning Exclusive Celebrity News into Humanitarian Gold as Selfless Donations for Charities.

by nik@csnaps.org

Peter Frank, publicist at Global PR, realized it was the right time for his client Richie Sambora to speak out on the support and admiration he has for his ex-wife Heather Locklear and especially his daughter Ava. Instead of giving the story away for free through media channels or on social media, the Sambora team saw the humanitarian gold that now exists in newsworthy exclusives like this with the Csnaps (Charity Snaps) platform.

Frank says “With our consent, tone and accuracy, posting with Csnaps made it the right vehicle to share this intimate and personal story in the most authentic way. With Csnaps, the exclusive coverage was worldwide in seconds as internet and TV were blanketed. Sales from the Csnaps exclusive skyrocketed the first week, raising over $5,000, all of which will be split between Sambora’s 3 default charities ALS, ChildHelp and Ovation Music Fund.” Any reuse of the donated images in the future will continue to generate funds directly to the selected charities.  

“These new donation streams are vital and will go straight to children. We are very excited as this is another way Csnaps, along with their Lifesaver/Fan Selfies, is working with selfless celebrities to help Childhelp accomplish their goals.  I encourage everyone to check out this selfless social and find their own humanitarian gold for the causes near and dear to their hearts. We can all go from selfie to selfless with Csnaps and really make a difference in those who truly need it,” says Michael Medoro, Chief Development Officer at Childhelp.org.

“The best Csnaps feature is the speed, collaboration accuracy and control we are guaranteed for an authentic result,” says Frank. Let’s not forget the humanitarian impact (gold) directed by the celebrity to these fortunate causes.

Csnaps co-founder Terry Ahern says “I am hopeful that all celebs, even ones not on social media, will be selfless and authentic enough to make sure their humanitarian gold of exclusives gets shared and monetized through Csnaps to save a lot of lives. We’ve built it with the publicist and celebrity needs in mind”. Who knew Selfless Social with its humanitarian gold could be such a game changer for so many important causes? Csnaps’ official tagline is “From selfie to selfless”. www.csnaps.org

Images or info courtesy of a humanitarian at Charity Snaps via Csnaps.orgIMG_4322
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