The #Unselfie Revolution

by Dominique Joaquin

The #Unselfie Revolution is a movement to try and get social media users to be more selfless. We all know what it's like to post a selfie. You take your photo (or probably a series of photos), maybe go through a few filters, edit out a flew blemishes if you have the time, and then you think of the perfect caption. Then when you post it, you wait out the number of likes you get in the next few minutes... Maybe you get ten likes within the first few minutes and that grows to the fifties, the hundreds... and all of a sudden you feel absolutely amazing. So many people "like" you after all. 

Let's face it, selfies are pretty selfish posts. They're about ourselves, how we look, how many likes we get, how cool we are, where we travel, etc. It’s hard to post a selfie without looking vain. Apps like Facetune, VSCO, Enlight, and other photo editing applications are popular for a reason. But the selfie isn’t always a vanity project, sometimes it’s just a fun way to keep and share memories.

The selfie started out as a struggle. In the 2000s there was that issue of having to hold your phone in strange angles and hope that your face was completely in the frame. When front-facing cameras came out, the game changed and selfies were officially bigger than ever. Nowadays, when you open up your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. you’re bound to come across a selfie from a celebrity, a friend, a cousin, an ex, etc...

But selfies don’t always have to be about the self – it can be about other people too. Sometimes they're even used for social movements. Take Anthony Scott McNorton for example. 

According to The Odyssey, Anthony “Scott” McNorton of the University of Wisconsin, for example, unknowingly began a movement called “Selfies with Muslims” in 2016 where he began posting pictures of himself with Muslims. The aim was to break down stereotypes – and as a result, his simple act of taking selfies turned into a movement. His mission became “Combating ignorance and hatred that has developed towards the Muslim community by promoting acceptance and tolerance through pictures and experiences!”  Who knew selfies could do so much? McNorton is proof that selfies can be about more than just ourselves. 

Of course, not every selfie you take can turn into a massive movement like McNorton's. But you can still work your way up to something like it. There are plenty of ways to make turn a selfie into a selfless act and when your selfie turns selfless - it's definitely an #Unselfie. 

Over on Csnaps, the #Unselfie revolution has been rumbling. On Csnaps, your selfies don't just gain likes anymore, they gain donors for charities you choose. Csnaps stands for "Charity Snaps" and every option to post has something to do with being selfless and sharing your blessings. Your posts go to the "Gratitude Lounge" where everyone shares, likes, views, and adds donations to the causes you think matter. It's your personal charity campaign, your own movement, all in one space where you can share gratitude and make a difference. 

In fact, if you've ever wanted to take a photo with a celebrity you've spotted but could never approach them right - Csnaps gives you just the right way to walk up to them and ask. You can tell the celebrity you've spotted that you'll donate money to their charity if they take a selfie with you. You can donate directly to that celebrity's charity and you'll make a memory together by taking that photo. Your selfie with your celebrity isn't wasting anyone's time and you're coming together for a good cause. 

Csnaps is a place where gratitude and sharing thrives. Where your selfies are more than just brag-rights or self-serving photos - they're part of a movement that's helping good causes and those in need. They'll be part of the #Unselfie Revolution helping others all from the same snapshots that selfies came from.

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